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Orthodontists South Croydon

Orthodontist South Croydon

Looking for straight teeth and a beautfil smile? Book a free consultation at Mayfield Dental.

We provide orthodontic treatments for children, teenagers and adults.

Why are straight teeth important?

It’s important for you to have straight teeth for 2 main reasons:

1. Straight teeth are healthier
2. Having a straight smile looks better and makes us look and feel more confident

Why are straight teeth healthier than uneven, gapped or crooked teeth?

The main reason that straight teeth are healthier is because they’re much easier to clean.
This means that food is less likely to get trapped between them which reduces your chances of rdecay and gum disease.

Evenly-spaced teeth are also more effective for biting and chewing food with pressure evenly distributed across the teeth. Where teeth are uneven, specific areas are often subjected to much more pressure and this can lead to fractures, broken teeth and side effects like jaw pain and headaches.

What kinds of issues can orthodontic treatment help?

Orthodontic treatment is extremely effective for people experiencing the following issues:

> Overcrowded teeth
> Gaps between the teeth
> Teeth that protrude/stick out
> Asymmetrical teeth/smiles
> Deep bites (where the upper row of teeth cover the lower teeth)
> Under bites (where the upper teeth are situated within the lower teeth)
> Open bites (where the upper and lower front teeth remain apart when the mouth is closed)

What Orthodontic treatments do you provide?

We provide Invisalign – the world’s most popular (and discreet) teeth straightening option with over 8 million patients successfully treated.
Invisalign is a great option for many orthodontic patients – often adults – who don’t want others to notice they’re wearing braces.

Another great option for fast orthodontic results is Six Month Smiles which – as it’s name suggests – is able to get quick results for patients prioritising speed.

After orthodontic treatment, it’s important to wear dental retainers to keep teeth in place and stop them moving back to their original out-of-place positions.

If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment or have questions about the various options for teeth straightening, please give us a call on 0208 657 1291 or email info@mayfield-dental.co.uk

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