What to do if you have a dental emergency over the Christmas and New Year period?

Dec 22, 2018
What is a dental emergency?

This is any dental problem that requires immediate treatment in order to

  • save a tooth
  • stop bleeding from the mouth
  • alleviate severe pain
  • remedy a tooth infection or abscess

A severe infection in the mouth can be life threatening and needs immediate treatment before it spreads further.

How can I ease tooth pain?

You can use these home remedies to get short term relief but ultimately you’ll need to get an appointment with an emergency dentist (as it usually gets worse).

  • Over the Counter (OTC) painkillers
  • Salt water rinsing  (swishing warm salty water around your mouth)
  • Ice or cold compress
  • Clove Oil
  • Garlic
Can I go to hospital for toothache?

Only go to A&E in serious circumstances such as :

  • severe unbearable pain
  • heavy persistant bleeding
  • injuries to face, mouth, jaw or teeth

How do I get an emergency dentist appointment?

Call us on our emergency mobile 07891578648 – our dedicated dentist in Croydon will do their best to arrange a same day appointment, especially if your condition is severe. Alternatively call NHS 111 to find an out of hours dentist near you. Don’t contact your GP as they won’t be able to offer you emergency dental care.

Do I need to see the emergency dentist for a chipped or broken tooth?

Chips and cracks in teeth are not usually emergencies unless they are painful or sensitive. However we would advise that you get it looked at quickly, as the inside of your tooth is probably affected by the damage.

Dental Emergencies