Cosmetic White Composite Veneers

Nov 01, 2017

Do you want to change the shape/colour/size/texture of your teeth? We can fix small chips and cracks in teeth.

Tooth coloured filling material is applied onto the front surface(s) of your tooth/teeth and then sculpted to the desired shape and finished by our skilled cosmetic dentist, Deepali. Deepali has undertaken the cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry 1 year course with Chris Orr. She has further developed the artistic flair and technical skills needed in regards to tooth shape, smile line and symmetry.

Composite Veneers can be used for

  • Crooked teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Stained teeth (discolouration or white patches)
  • Damaged teeth (from acid erosion or chipped by accident)

There is no reduction (drilling) of your own tooth and so we do not need to numb you. It usually can be done in a single visit. Costs are minimal as there are no lab fees involved so they are not as expensive as porcelain veneers. We can also alter the shape or add/remove the filling material as needed.

Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned first. The front surfaces of the teeth are etched with acid (to chemically roughen the surface) and then bonding agent is brushed onto the surfaces (to aid the bonding of the composite material to your teeth). Composite material is gradually sculpted onto your teeth in layers to build them up. The material is then polished to merge it with your tooth.

It is important before starting cosmetic dental treatment, that you do not have any active gum disease and this will have to be treated first. If you wish to lighten your teeth, whitening will need to be done beforehand as the composite veneers themselves do not whiten.

On average composite veneers last 2-5years, although your aftercare and habits can reduce this i.e. tooth grinding, drinking fizzy drinks. Occasionally composite veneers may need polishing as they can pick up staining from food and drinks you consume.

Have a look at a recent case for patient Y. She was concerned that her side teeth were too pointed and wanted them to look like normal teeth. After treatment she said

“Thank you so so so so much”

See her before and after selfies!



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