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Emergency Dentist Sutton

 If you’re experiencing dental pain and wish to be treated urgently, please call us now on: 020 8657 1291.

We understand just how distressing it can be to experience dental pain and discomfort and will do what we can to help you as quickly as possible.

An oral infection might worsen relatively quickly, if left untreated and fast action can help avoid additional problems arising or your condition getting worse.

Often, emergency dental issues occur at exactly the wrong time – at the weekend, during a holiday or perhaps when you have an important social event and your usual dentist is shut. If your problem is impairing your rest or perhaps causing you problems whilst eating, book an emergency dental appointment today. We make every effort to see patients with urgent issues the very same day.

In nearly all circumstances we are able to provide urgent dental appointments to dental patients within 24 hours or even on the same day, when possible. We may even be able to come in early or stay late to treat you.

Basically, we’ll do whatever we can to help you and get your issue resolved as soon as feasible, even if you have never visited our dental practice before.

Free easy-to-access information is available on our round-the-clock, out-of-hours emergency mobile 07891 578 648 to new and existing patients. If your issue is truly urgent, we offer an emergency call-out service to deliver pain relief and dental care.

How to find the best emergency dentist near Sutton

The best dentists for emergency situations:

A. Are equipped with the latest dental technology

B. Have a good deal of experience caring for patients with a wide range of emergency dental problems

C. Try to keep appointments available for these cases (or are willing to come in ahead of their usual schedule, stay late and remain open at the weekend to look after patients that require assistance fast).

At Mayfield Dental, we tick all of these boxes.


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Please call Mayfield Dental at 07891 578 648 or info@mayfield-dental.co.uk for immediate emergency situation dental treatment.


Quick and effective home remedies for urgent dental issues:

> Eliminate extremely hot/cold food and beverages

> Make use of over-the-counter painkillers to reduce pain and swelling

> Administer some clove oil using a piece of cotton wool and apply close to the problem tooth



Consistent, severe aching often shows that a tooth is dying or infected. Temporarily, over-the-counter painkillers as suggested by a chemist can help. It’s also very important to minimise any variables that may cause pain such as chewing hard food or drinking hot or cold drinks. In all cases, it is essential to get your teeth examined as soon as possible.

Inflamed face

This is typically caused as a result of dental infection and dental treatment will probably be called for. Call the clinic without delay. In the rare event that a swelling inside your mouth has already become so substantial that it is becoming hard to swallow or breathe properly, go to A&E.

Damaged tooth or filling

If the tooth is very painful, stay away from hot or cold food and drink and avoid chewing on that side. Pain relief medication can help. Contact the clinic in order to have the tooth assessed as soon as possible and to avoid further injury to the tooth and the dental nerve inside.

My crown/bridge has fallen out

Steer clear of extremely hot and cold drinks, together with biting on that side, so trapped food does not lead to irritation. Try to keep the crown/bridge safe and bring it to your dentist. It may need to be re-cemented to prevent additional damage to the underlying tooth and also your dental nerve.

Bleeding after having a tooth out

Make certain you are observing all post-operative guidance. Minimise physical exertion. Add steady pressure (10-15 minutes) to the injury using the gauze your dental practitioner has supplied, or a fresh section of cotton.

Dental pain after having a tooth out

A small amount of pain and swelling following dental extraction can generally be managed by non-prescription painkillers (ibuprofen/paracetamol). An ice bag applied to your face over the affected area may serve to help. Ensure you refrain from smoking. If you experience extraordinarily acute pain not helped through these steps, or, which persists after several days, please get in touch with us.

Broken or cracked dentures

Broken dentures can normally be restored and we have agreements with neighbourhood dental labs to have this handled as rapidly as possible. Occasionally it’s important to make an impression of your mouth so that the broken or cracked parts can be accurately relocated.

Tooth knocked out

The tooth really needs to be reimplanted as soon as possible. Immediately call our practice for an emergency appointment. Refrain from touching the dental root in order to prevent microscopic damage to the place the bone tissue attaches. In the event that the tooth is noticeably soiled, wash it gently using clean water but do not scrub. If possible, put the tooth back within the socket and hold it there until you see us. If this is challenging, preserve the tooth in cold milk.

Tooth pushed out of position

Try to gently reposition your tooth using very light finger pressure. Avoid consuming food and then get in touch with our team.

Wisdom tooth soreness or infection

Our staff are able to check your wisdom tooth/teeth, arrange for an X-ray and, if required, have our oral surgeon remove it with minimal wait times.

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