How important is pain free dentistry to the patient?

Sep 25, 2021

So what’s your reason for avoiding the dentist? I bet its not actually dentists you hate – its all the other bits – the pain, needles, small spaces, loud noises and overall lack of control! According to Joe Bulger from Toronto, the top 5 reasons why patients are reluctant to go to the dentist are:

  1. The Needle – Im not going to even show a picture of a needle here! Fear of needles and injections is MASSIVE for some people. An option for these people is to do it with no anaesthetic, but then for more invasive dentistry anaesthetic is essential. We use a comfort driven system, where our resident dentist has gone on a course to deliver LA (Local Anaesthetic) more comfortably.
  2. The Pain – the question on all our minds is ” Is it going to hurt?”. Anyone who has had dental pain knows how debilitating It can be. So it is imperative that there is good management and pain control. We have little tricks up our sleeves to provide comfortable and relaxing dentistry.
  3. The Anxiety – Have you ever had that sense of dread before a dental appointment. You are on edge and by the end feel completely drained? Anxiety is so easily overcome when you have a good relationship with your dentist. We like to build a rapport with our patients from the beginning so that they immediately feel at ease.
  4. The Drill – This dreaded weapon with its vibration and noise? Our hand pieces now are much smoother and quieter and we sometimes ask that you bring your own music so you can distance yourself from all of that. Ok so its not quite like a spa!
  5. The Invasiveness -Definitely personal space invasion. But if your dentist was respectful about your space, left you in control and gave you regular breaks, it would make it so much easier!

So give us a try and see what you think! Check our google reviews to see the positive comments we get from nervous patients!