Nervous Patients – Its All About Communication!

Sep 17, 2021

Did you know that if you are dental phobic, that with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, you are more likely to undergo dental treatment without sedation. More than ¾ of patients ina Kings College London study, after simply talking to their dentist, went and had dental treatment without sedation.

Sedation usually allows nervous patient to feel relaxed and go ahead with dental treatment. However getting sedated does not allow them to get over their fear of the dentist and so they become dependent on sedation. This can work out fairly costly both financially and timewise (as they need an escort from the dental practice afterwards. Also these said individuals are more likely to put off going to the dentist, and so are more likely to experience dental pain and have poorer oral health.

At Mayfield Dental we like to work with the individual who is nervous, and work with their priorities. We stage treatment so we pick the easier ones first, taking small steps and building confidence in the relationship between dentist and patient. Good dentistry is also about good communication and the patient needs to feel they are in control. It is truly amazing to see the gradual transformation of a nervous patient who is much more willing and accepting of the dental journey ahead of them.

Read more on the study on BBC News: